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US economy grew in Q3 2009

The US economy grew at an annual pace of 3.5% between July and September 2009, its first expansion in more than a year.

The growth was helped by a substantial government spending plan, including a scrappage scheme to boost car sales.

The official figures indicate recession has ended, but some economists think there could be further setbacks.

President Obama said while “welcome news”, the US was still a “long way” from recovering from the “deepest downturn since the Great Depression”.

The return to growth of the world’s largest economy also sent shares on Wall Street sharply higher.  The main Dow Jones index closed up 200 points, or 2.1%, at 9,962.58.


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Dieting and exercise keeps diabetes at bay

A seven year follow-up on a research trial found dieting and exercise to be more effective than drug treatment or a placebo.

Originally, 3,000 overweight people underwent a trial in which they were split into 3 groups – one on a placebo, one on the diabetes drug metformin, and the third on a a diet to reduce weight by 7% plus 30 minutes of exercise 5 times a week. 

 Over 3 years the diet and exercise group had a 58% reduced chance of developing type 2 diabetes as compared to the placebo group.

When that trial ended all 3 groups were put onto a diet and exercise regime.  7 years on, the original diet and exercise group still came out best, with over a third less developing diabetes than the original placebo group.

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Turmeric kills gullet cancer cells

Curcumin, found in turmeric, can kill gullet cancer cells in the lab, according to a study by the Cork Cancer Research Centre.

Rates of cancer of the oesophagus have increased by more than half since the 70s, and it is now the 6th most common cause of cancer death in the UK.

Turmeric is the spice that gives curry a bright yellow colour.

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Antidepressants work instantly

Dr Catherine Harmer, University of Oxford, said “We found the antidepressants target the negative thoughts before the patient is aware of any change in feeling subjectively.”

Depressed patients who took the drug showed positive improvements in 3 specific measures within hours.  These patients were more likely to see themselves in a positive light and see the positive in others, despite feeling no improvement in mood or anxiety.  It may be some weeks before these ‘positive thoughts’ result in the patient feeling the symptoms of depression easing.

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Fat Fingers UK is a blog about the ‘odd’ way that 2 kids, one 12 the other 13, see life.  It’s not child psychology but simply how the kids process the world as it happens around them.

Quite why it is so popular I’m not sure, but it’s getting pretty decent viewing figures, so why don’t you drop in?

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Gene therapy boosts eyesight in young

Gene therapy can be particularly effective in treating inherited sight problems in children.

US doctors treating 12 patients with a rare genetic eye disorder were able to significantly improve vision in the youngest.

The study, published in The Lancet, builds on work carried out by doctors at London’s Moorfields Eye Hospital.

The principle is simple: to replace a defective gene and restore function to a part of the body affected by a genetic disorder.

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US declares swine flu emergency

US President Barack Obama has declared swine flu a national emergency.

The White House said the president signed the proclamation concerning the 2009 H1N1 outbreak on Friday evening.

It increases the ability of treatment facilities to handle a surge in H1N1 patients by easing the implementation of emergency plans.

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Kindle sales boost Amazon profits

Online retailer Amazon reported strong profits between July and September – partly thanks to its most popular item, the Kindle electronic reader.

Amazon reported a net profit of $199m (£119.6m) in the period up 62% on the same period a year earlier.

The Kindle book electronic book reader went on sale in the UK on 19th Oct 2009. 

“We have millions of customers in countries all over the world who read English-language books. Kindle enables these customers to think of a book and download it in less than 60 seconds,” said Amazon founder Jeff Bezos.

Penguin chief executive John Makinson hopes it will kickstart digital book sales in Europe.  “The publishing industry is experiencing explosive growth in digital book sales in the US,” he said.

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UK economy in recession for 6th quarter

The UK economy unexpectedly contracted by 0.4% between July and September, according to official figures, meaning the country is still in recession.

It is the first time UK gross domestic product (GDP) has contracted for six consecutive quarters, since quarterly figures were first recorded in 1955.

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Chinese economic growth increases

China has said it is on track to hit its growth target of 8% this year, after the economy grew 8.9% from a year ago in the third quarter.

The figure is up from the 7.9% rate seen in the previous quarter and is the country’s fastest GDP growth since the third quarter of last year.

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