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Genetic code for skin and lung cancer cracked

Scientists have mapped the entire genetic code of 2 common cancers – skin and lung cancer.

This raises the possibility of blood tests to detect cancer earlier, and is a major step forward in developing new treatments.

The scientists found that the DNA for melanoma, a skin cancer, contained over 30,000 ‘errors’, almost entirely caused by too much exposure to sun.

The lung cancer DNA had more than 23,000 ‘errors’, largely due to cigarette smoke effects.

The lung cancer research was conducted by Dr Peter Campbell of the Wellcome Trust and the results were published in Nature.

The International Cancer Genome Consortium thinks it will take around 5 years to complete maps for the genetic code of 50 common cancers.

The US is looking at cancers of the brain, ovary and pancreas, China at stomach cancer, India at cancer of the mouth, Japan at liver cancer and the UK at breast cancer.

The UK lead researcher is Professor Michael Stratton.


December 16, 2009 - Posted by | Cancer, Genetics, Health, International Cancer Genome Consortium, Medicine/Treatment, Michael Stratton, Peter Campbell

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