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H1N1 v seasonal flu.

According to research by Dr. Michael C W Chan and Joseph S Malik Peiris, H1N1 flu can transmit via the eye, as well as the airways transmission of seasonal flu. They also found that the current outbreak of H1N1 differs from the deadly 1918 outbreak of H1N1 because the current form produces a significant immune system response which the 1918 version did not.

Transmission via the eye is by conjunctival epithelium, a membrane that lines the eyelids and covers the white part of the eye. This suggests that the recent finding, by Dr Allison E. Aeillo at the University of Michigan, that face masks cut flu by 35% to 50%, may not be as effective in H1N1.

Allison E Aeillo on prevention of flu here.

The recent findings of Dr Ryan Zarychanski of the University of Manitoba, that surviving H1N1 influenza requires seeking treatment early, may also benefit from this advice on prevention of transmission in H1N1.

Ryan Zarychanski on surviving H1N1 influenza here.

While considered mild, the current version of H1N1 has killed over 14,000 people to date.

Dr. Michael C W Chan and Joseph S Malik Peiris reported their findings in the American Journal of Pathology.


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