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Electronic mosquito repellents don’t work.

KLM is to drop sales of electronic mosquito repellents after Dr Bart Knols showed them the Cochrane Systematic Review, which clearly demonstrates that electronic repellents do not work. Passengers using these devices to counter malaria infection were, in fact, unprotected.

Knols has approached British Airways and Singapore Airlines to get them to stop selling the electroninc repellents.

The Cochrane Systematic Review was published in 2007.

The current gold standard for repelling mosquitoes remains the active ingredient deet, despite it’s unpleasant smell and sticky-skin sensation.

In 2008, Dr Ulrich Bernier and team found 10 new compounds that give protection for 2-3 times as long as the 5 hours from deet. They used computer modelling to screen 30,000 compounds and came up with the new 10 based on that.

“Commercial availability of topical repellents can take years and a significant investment to achieve that end goal,” Bernier said.

In 2009, Vincent Corbel and team raised the issue of deet’s toxicity to the human nervous system, especially when mixed with carbamate insecticides, and said more studies were needed to confirm or dismiss these findings.


March 1, 2010 - Posted by | Bart Knols, Deet, Malaria, Ulrich Bernier, Vincent Corbel


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