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To get slim turn the heat down.

Professor Jens Carl Hansen of Aarhus University has concluded in the journal Medical Hypotheses that people can lose weight by turning the heat in their surroundings down.

“While genetic changes have been discussed as a cause of the (obesity) epidemic, there has been too little time since its start to enable enough genetic adaptation to take place for this to provide a valid explanation. Traditionally positive energy balance and sedentary life style have been regarded as the primary causal factors; however, these factors have so far failed to provide explanations for the entire problem.”

Humans are known to burn white fat in brown fat tissue in order to maintain body temperature (thermogenesis).

Hansen looked at how we have heated up our home and work environments and concluded that this contributes to the obesity problem.

Turn the temperature down a bit and brown fat will work harder to keep body temperature up, burning off weight in the process.


April 7, 2010 - Posted by | Brown fat - BAT, Jens Carl Hansen, Obesity, Thermogenesis, Weight management

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