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Women walkers cut stroke risk.

A 12 year study of 40,000 US women aged 45+ found that those who walked as a leisure activity cut their risk of stroke significantly.

The study ignored house and work activity.

The research looked at vigorous activities such as sports, running, cycling and swimming, but found no link. The study authors suggest this may be due to insufficient number of women carrying out these activities.

Compared to those who didn’t walk, women who walked briskly (3 mph or more) and those who walked for 2 hours or more per week showed big improvements.

Women who walked briskly cut their total risk by 37%. Those in the 2 hours per week category cut total risk by 30%.

For hemorrhagic stroke (bleeding) the cuts were 68% and 57% respectively. For ischemic stroke (clots), the cuts were 25% and 21% respectively.

The study was reported by Dr I-Min Lee and others in the journal Stroke.

In previous studies in males, the relation between walking and stroke risk has been inconsistent.


April 8, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Exercise, Health, I-Min Lee, Stroke, Success, Walking

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