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Carbs v heart disease.

Dr Sabina Sieri studied the link between coronary heart disease and carbohydrates, in 15,000 men and 33,000 women in Italy, over 8 years.

To get at the impact of carbs alone, Sieri stripped out other risk factors such as body weight, physical activity, saturated fat intake, smoking, and a range of other health factors.

Then the study compared the poorest quarter to the best quarter.

For men, there was no significant link between carbs and heart disease.

For women, simple volume of carbs doubled the risk in the poorest quarter. Considering glycemic index (GI), eating more high GI carbs increased risk by 68%, whereas eating more low GI carbs did not. When combined (high volume and high GI) the risk increased by 228%

Despite a ratio of 1 man per 2 women in the study, the number of cases of heart disease was 305 men and 158 women. The study authors speculate that the effects impacting women (worse good cholesterol, worse triglycerides) may be less in men.


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