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Food combination cuts Alzheimer’s risk.

Dr Nikolaos Scarmeas and team studied the effect of real-life food combinations in Alzheimer’s.

From this they looked at 7 particular nutrients previously implicated in the disease.

They stripped out all non-food factors, incuding genes (APOE), alcohol, smoking and supplements, to get at the link between real-life food and Alzheimer’s.

The followed 2,100 New Yorkers, aged 65+, for 4 years.

The best combination they found was high intake of salad dressing, nuts, fish, tomatoes, poultry, cruciferous vegetables, fruits, and dark and green leafy vegetables and low intake of high-fat dairy, red meat, organ meat, and butter. Pretty much a Mediterranean diet.

On nutrients from food (not supplements), this resulted in high omega-3, omega-6, vitamin E and folate, and low saturated fat and vitamin B12.

The authors explained the apparently odd vitamin B12 finding on the basis that B12 sources like meat and dairy have high saturated fat.

Mono-unsaturated fat was the 7th nutrient, but was not found to have significant effect.

Over the 4 years, those in the best third for this food combination cut the risk of Alzheimer’s by 38% compared to those in the worst.


April 13, 2010 - Posted by | Aging, Alzheimer's, Diet, Health, Mediterranean diet, Nikolaos Scarmeas, Omega-3, Vitamin B12

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