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Forgiving soothes your heart.

People with a high level of forgiving were found to recover faster from verbal harassment, on measurement of diastolic blood pressure and average arterial blood pressure.

Dr Matthew C Whited and team rated volunteers using the Forgiving Personality Inventory. Then the subjects undertook a repetitive subtraction task, interrupted at various points to tell them they were not doing well enough. At the end, half of the volunteers were given an apology.

In those given an apology, people rated higher on forgiving recovered faster than low forgivers. Women high on forgiving fared best, but in low-forgiving women the apology made little difference.

Overall, women who got an apology recovered faster than those who didn’t. But in men, it went the opposite way – those getting an apology took longer to recover than those who didn’t.


April 19, 2010 - Posted by | Forgiveness, Gender, Health, Matthew C Whited, Positive Psychology, Success

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