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For a golden autumn – NETWORK!

Dr Oliver Robinson found that the key to happiness in retirement is having a hobby or being active in a shared-interest social network.

The UK study replicates results found previously in the US.

Seniors reported that having children/grandchildren, or not, made no difference to their happiness. The positives of grandkids was balanced out by the loss of freedom and autonomy.

According to Robinson “Social groups in retirement, particularly those that revolve around shared interests, can provide a retiree with a number of basic psychological needs – a sense of connectedness, of purpose, and of mastery if there is a skill involved. The great retirement trap is loneliness, and active social groups negate the possibility of that.”

In Authentic Happiness, Professor Martin Seligman wrote this about the happiest college students. “These very happy people differed markedly from average people and from unhappy people in one principal way: a rich and fulfilling social life.”


April 20, 2010 - Posted by | Aging, Authentic Happiness, Fun, Loneliness, Martin EP Seligman, Oliver Robinson, Positive Psychology, Psychology, Social networks, Success

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