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Canada leads US on health.

Two studies have shown how Canada leads the US in terms of life expectancy and healthy aging.

Dr David H Feeny and team used the joint Canada/US Survey of Health 2002/2003. They found life expectancy in Canada is higher than in the US. For those < 40 years, there were no differences in health-related quality of life between the US and Canada. For the 40+ group, health-related quality of life appears to be higher in Canada, with a gap of about 2.7 years.

They speculated that universal health care in Canada and lower social inequality among the elderly might be factors.

Professor Robert Fowler lead a systematic review of critical care and insurance status in the US, finding 29 studies focusing on these.

The team found that among the general US population, people who are uninsured are about half as likely to receive critical care services as those with insurance. They also found that once admitted to a hospital intensive care unit, uninsured patients are less likely to have invasive procedures or pulmonary artery catheterizations and more likely to have life support withdrawn.


April 29, 2010 - Posted by | Aging, Canada, David H Feeny, Health, Medicine/Treatment, Robert Fowler, United States

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