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US 21st century health?

A team of national health care experts appointed by the President and Congress produced its second report. This is a roadmap to make the US the healthiest nation in the world.

The background – the US spends over 17% of GDP on health care—nearly twice as much as any other nation—but ranks only 49th on life expectancy.

The report proposes 4 action areas
•Re-engineering America’s health care system (to cover everyone)
•Advancing public health and prevention in the US
•Promoting global health and health diplomacy
•Strengthening U.S. medical and public health research.

By coincidence, Dr Gopal Singh has just published the first nationwide survey of obesity among 10 to 17 year olds since results in 2003. This time round obesity rates in these youngsters rose in 36 states, and was 10% up in overal terms.

High TV and computer time and reduced access to playgrounds and parks are linked to the increase.


May 5, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Child Health, Environment, Gopal K Singh, Health, Obesity, United States

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