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Best diet rate?

260 women, average age 59, average BMI 37 (morbidly obese) were given diet instruction intended to lose 1lb/week.

Based on first month performance, they were split into 3 groups – those who lost least (less the half a pound per week), middle (half a pound to 1 lb), and most (over a lb/week).

The instruction lasted 6 months in total, and there was a follow-up to see weight regain at 18 months.

Weight lost at 6 months was 11lbs, 20lb, 30lbs for the least-middle-most groups in order.

There was no statistically significant difference between the 3 groups in weight regained from then to the 18 month check.

The ‘most’ and ‘middle’ groups were, respectively, 5.1 times and 3.7 times as likely as the ‘least’ group to have lost 10% of bodyweight at 18 months.

This story is widely reported using the terms slow, medium and fast for the groups, as used by author Lisa M Nacker. Losing just over 1lb/week from a BMI of 37 is a controversial definition of ‘fast’.


May 7, 2010 - Posted by | BMI - body mass index, Diet, Lisa M Nacker, Obesity, Success, Weight management

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