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Nuts v cholesterol?

Dr Joan Sabaté reviewed 25 studies in which participants had replaced a portion of their diet with nuts (over 3-8 weeks) to evaluate the effect on blood fats. In the main, the nuts were walnuts and almonds.

There was a benefit in terms of reduction of bad cholesterol. There was also a reduction in triglycerides, but only for those starting on high levels.

The improvement increased as nuts replaced more of the diet.

The biggest improvements were seen in those with high bad cholesterol levels to begin with, those with a lower body mass index, and those on a Western diet (high total fat, high saturated fat as opposed to a Mediterranean diet high in total fat but low in saturated fat).

According to Sabaté, the biggest cholestrol improvement was when nuts replaced saturated fat.

The effects are moderate compared to statins. When nuts replaced 10% of the energy intake the reduction in bad cholesterol is about 4.2%.

News coverage of the study reports consumption of 67g (2.4oz). This is merely the average from the studies examined, which ranged from 23 to 132g/day. 67g comes in at a whopping 440 calories.


May 11, 2010 - Posted by | Cholesterol, Diet, Joan Sabaté, Statin, Success, Walnuts

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