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Sugar and exercise.

Independent nutritionist Sigrid Gibson analysed the diets of schoolchildren in the UK, comparing national surveys in 1983 and 1997. (Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics).

The increase in sugar intake was marginal – 122g/day to 127g/day, while the total daily energy intake actually dropped by 3% over the period.

However, body mass index increased by around 1 unit, and average weight increased by 2-3 kg (around 5-6lb).

The results suggest that in the UK, the increase in schoolchidlren’s weight isn’t due to an increase in sugar, or to diet in general, which leaves a reduction in exercise as the likely cause.

The pattern also changed. “Sugar sources showed a marked shift away from table sugar with smaller falls in milk, biscuits and cakes, counterbalanced by a significant increase in sugar from soft drinks and, to a lesser extent, fruit juice and breakfast cereals.”


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