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Generation Me!

Prof Sara Konrath presented results of a meta-analysis of 72 studies on US college students over the last 30 years, at the annual meeting in Boston of the Association for Psychological Science.

Over the last decade, Twenge and others have reported increases in narcissism, individualism, self-esteem and positive self-views. Konrath wondered if this meant a fall in how the students react to others.

The team found empathy, the ability to see things from another person’s point of view, had declined by about 40% in this period, especially after 2000.

Konrath noted – “Many people see the current group of college students, sometimes called ‘Generation Me’, as one of the most self-centered, narcissistic, competitive, confident and individualistic in recent history.”

The team hope to find out the reasons for the changes, and whether the results are repeated outside the US.


May 28, 2010 - Posted by | Change, Psychology, Sara Konrath, United States

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