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Nature = vitality!

Prof Richard M Ryan has published the results of 5 experiments in the Journal of Envirnmental Studies to show that a short time in nature boosts your vitality.

The media is reporting this on the lines of ‘fresh air/being outside is really good for you’, but Ryan’s work is specifically designed to show that it is not being outside, not fresh air, not exercise and not meeting other people that makes the change.

It is being in the presence of nature. It works inside. It even works if you simply imagine it! Ryan’s study is clear that bringing nature into man-made environments confers these benefits.

The paper builds on earlier research by Ryan and others showing that people are more caring and generous when exposed to nature.

“We have a natural connection with living things,” says Ryan. “Nature is something within which we flourish, so having it be more a part of our lives is critical, especially when we live and work in built environments.”


June 5, 2010 - Posted by | Environment, Health, Inspiration, Natural healing, Nature, Positive Psychology, Psychology, Richard M Ryan, Success

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