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Scots universally unhealthy.

The link between individual health risk factors and socioeconomic status has been reported before. But Dr David I Conway and team examined the link between multiple risk factors and socioeconomic status, using the 2003 Scottish Health Survey.

The 5 major health risk factors were
– current smokers (cigarettes, cigars, pipe)
– heavy alcohol consumers (over 21 units/week for men, over 14 units/week for women)
– poor diet (less than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables per day)
– overweight/obese (BMI over 25)
– physically inactive (below recommended level of 30 minutes of mederate exercise 5 times per week).

Only 1 person in 40 had a clean sheet – none of the risk factors.

55% had 3 or more risk factors.

The most important determinants for falling into the 20% of people who had 4 or 5 risk factors were low education and living in the most deprived communities.

The Scottish results are similar to those found in a recent survey of England, though there are differences. Alcohol-related deaths in men are about twice as high in Scotland as England.


June 11, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Alcohol, BMI - body mass index, David I Conway, Diet, Exercise, Health, Obesity, Smoking, Success, UK

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