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Stroke – your risk profile.

Prof Martin J O’Donnell reported in the Lancet on INTERSTROKE, a study of 3,000 stroke patients compared to 3,000 controls, across 22 low, middle and high-income countries.

Ten risk factors explain 90% of the chance of having a stroke, and most of those are modifiable.

The big 5 explain 80% of your risk of having a stroke.

High blood pressure (165% increased risk), currently smoking (109% increase), waist-to hip ratio in highest third (65% increase), poor diet (35% increase) and regular physical exercise (31% decrease).

On diet, fruit and fish cut the risk, but vegetables did not. Red meat, organ meat, and eggs increased the risk. Cooking with lard raised the risk by 66%.

The minor 5 making up the remaining 10% were – diabetes, excessive alcohol (moderate alcohol cut the risk), stress and depression, cardiac problems, and a particular blood fat ratio out of order (apolipoproteins B to A1 ratio).

The ten risk factors were all significant for ischaemic stroke (blockage).  For haemorrhagic stroke (bleeding) the significant factors were high blood pressure, smoking, waist-to-hip ratio, diet and alcohol.

The 10 stroke risk factors are very similar to the 9 heart attack risk factors produced by an earlier study (INTERHEART).


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