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Brain v LH, gay, female.

Professor Jennifer Steeves has published research on factors affecting our ability to memorise and recognise faces.

Participants were given 10 faces to memorise. With these known faces mixed in with 50 unknown ones, the participants had to say whether they recognised the face or not.

Women score higher on this task than men.

Gay men score higher on the task than heterosexual men and homosexual women.

Left-handed heterosexuals outperformed both left-handed homosexuals and right-handed heterosexuals.

The differences are thought to be due to different wiring in the brain. Heterosexual men use only one side of the brain to store this information, whereas women, gays and left-handed males have much more cross-brain wiring. This allows them to store the information on both sides, which improves the recognition score.

According to the release “Hand dominance is thought to be linked with both hemispheric functioning and sexual orientation. Previous studies have shown that homosexual individuals are 39% more likely to be left-handed.”


June 23, 2010 - Posted by | Brain, Gender, Jennifer Steeves, Memory

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