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Pycnogenol and hay fever?

There is a news release about this study which claims a fairly rosy result for 60 patients in the hay fever trial.

The results as published here in Phytotherapy Research are more cautious. (Two of the authors are linked to the company that makes Pycnogenol – Horphag).

There were two stabs at this. One in 2008 had 19 patients and found no difference between those on Pycnogenol and those on a placebo.

In 2009, 39 patients were split in two for a double-blind trial. Based on 2008 results, the 2009 group started on Pycnogenol/placebo much earlier, 5-8 weeks before the start of the hay fever season. In this test, the Pycnogenol group did seem to have better results, with best case requiring a 7-8 week lead before the hay season began.

According to the authors “With the limited number of 39 patients statistical predications were unattainable.”


June 24, 2010 - Posted by | Health, Natural healing

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