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Teens, parents and alcohol.

‘Heavy drinking’ here means five plus drinks in a row, and ‘accountability’ means the parent knows who the teen is with and where.

According to a press release by Brigham Young University
“•The teens least prone to heavy drinking had parents who scored high on both accountability and warmth.
•So-called “indulgent” parents, those low on accountability and high on warmth, nearly tripled the risk of their teen participating in heavy drinking.
•“Strict” parents – high on accountability and low on warmth – more than doubled their teen’s risk of heavy drinking.”

According to the study report in the Journal of Studies on Alcohol and Drugs “Adolescents whose parents were authoritative were less likely to drink heavily than adolescents from the other three parenting styles (authoritarian, indulgent, neglectful), and they were less likely to have close friends who used alcohol. In addition, religiosity was negatively associated with heavy drinking after controlling for other relevant variables.”


June 24, 2010 - Posted by | Alcohol, Child Health, Health, Psychology, Relationships, Religion, Success

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