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Eye test for Alzheimer’s.

In Jan 2010, Prof Francesca Coredeiro reported on an eye test in mice that detected Alzheimer’s. It works on the basis that the retina is actually a part of the brain, and beta amyloid plaque can be stained to show up in the eye.

Now Prof Michal Schwartz and team have gone a step further.

In mice, they showed that Alzheimer’s plaques could be detected in the retina before they showed up in the rest of the brain. In humans, they confirmed these findings in those who died of Alzheimer’s, and those suspected to be in the early stages when brain tissue was examined.

In mice, they showed that therapy to reduce plaque in the brain also reduced plaque in the retina by the same amount, so the eye is an accurate way to monitor treatment.

Curiously, they used curcumin to stain the plaque to make it show up in eye examinations. Curcumin crosses the blood-retina barrier easily and so gives a non-invasive procedure.


June 25, 2010 - Posted by | Alzheimer's, Curcumin - turmeric, Francesca Coredeiro, Michal Schwartz

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