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Red wine v your eyes.

“Drinking red wine could stop your eyesight deteriorating, a new study suggests.” According to the newspapers.

The research is interesting. Dr Rajendra S Apte has found that an ingredient of red wine, resveratrol, clears up age-related eye-disease. (Protects against in the first place, but reverses damage if it has occurred).

Further, a claim is made that resveratrol is not only preventative against obesity and aging, but a new working mechanism has been discovered, which may be anti-cancer.

If the study is correct, resveratrol prevents and reverses ‘abnormal’ blood vessel growth, the way in which cancer tumours grow.

BUT – the mouse model of eyesight deterioration used was not the same as that in humans – AND – the amount of resveratrol given to mice was equivalent to several bottles of red wine.


June 25, 2010 - Posted by | Alcohol, Blind, Grapes, Health, Rajendra S Apte, Sight

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