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Why sleep?

It’s a study in rats, but it begs the question – why sleep?

Drs Radhika Basheer and Robert McCarley propose that the early part of sleep is to rebuild energy stores that we use up in daytime. More energy goes out than we put in during waking hours, so we need to shut down to re-boost.

Other experts think differently. Sleep is when we re-build our brain to take into account the new things we have learned today. To re-build takes energy.

Basheer and McCarley found that energy processing occurred in non-REM sleep, which appears to favour energy-recharging.

Take your pick. It might be that early sleep is like a battery recharge. Or we could be working our brain hard to cement what we learned today.


June 30, 2010 - Posted by | Brain, Radhika Basheer, Robert McCarley

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