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Brain handedness.

Neuroscientist Dr Mathias Pessiglione published some odd research a couple of years back. Then he found that your subconscious makes decisions for you, without your conscious mind ever being aware of why.

That experiment was simple. Images of a coin were flashed up for a tiny fraction of a second. Volunteers were told they would get a share of the coin the harder they squeezed a control. Despite the fact that the conscious mind was never aware of what had been seen, the volunteers squeezed harder when it was a euro than when it was one cent.

But it gets curiouser in new research just published.

Here the subjects focussed on a central cross. The coin would flash, subliminally, on either the right of the cross or on the left. And the squeezing hand was either the right or the left.

If the side and hand were the same and the euro flashed, the squeeze was harder. But if hand and coin were on opposite sides, there was an equal squeeze for both the euro and the cent.

The research shows that it’s possible for only one side of the brain, and thus one side of the body, to be motivated at a time, says Pessiglione. “It changes the conception we have about motivation. It’s a weird idea, that your left hand, for instance, could be more motivated than your right hand.”


July 1, 2010 - Posted by | Brain, Mathias Pessiglione, Psychology, Science

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