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Kids: fat v activity.

Brad S Metcalf and team in an EarlyBird study looked at children aged 7-10 annually, to measure their bodyfat percentage and the physical activity accurately at each stage.

The team found that bodyfat percentage at age 7 predicted physical activity changes over the next 3 years but physical activity levels at age 7 did not predict bodyfat percent changes over the same period.

The team concluded “Physical inactivity appears to be the result of fatness rather than its cause. This reverse causality may explain why attempts to tackle childhood obesity by promoting physical activity have been largely unsuccessful.”

10% more bodyfat led to a 7% reduction in physical activity for boys and 9% for girls.

Author Prof TJ Wilkin says this indicates that nutrition, rather than ever-increasing doses of physical activity, is the key to tackling childhood obesity.


July 8, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Bodyfat%, Brad S Metcalf, Child Health, Diet, Obesity, Success, TJ Wilkin, Weight management

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