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WeightWatchers news?

In the UK, the media is busy writing up the idea that the Medical Research Council (MRC) has found that WeightWatchers is more effective at weight loss for overweight/obese people than treatment by a general medical practitioner (a family doctor).

The MRC is a well-respected centre of medical expertise in the UK. Has it really concluded that the National Health Service (NHS) should send overweight people for a 12 week, £45 (US $70), term with WeightWatchers?

At this precise point in time, WeightWatchers is running a business-sponsored special at the International Congress on Obesity in Stockholm, called “Changing the Lens on Reversing the Global Obesity Epidemic.”

Prof F Xavier Pi-Sunyer, who has an amazing track record in diabetes, nutrition and health, is receiving the 2010 W Henry Sebrell Jr award.

Dr Erik Finkelstein will speak on “The Scale and Economics of the Global Epidemic.”

Dr Susan A Jebb, of the MRC, will speak on “How Effective is WeightWatchers? First Results from a Randomised Control Trial.”

There are two other speakers, one apparently giving results from an old study where NHS patients were sent to WeightWatchers.

Then the WeightWatchers executives will wrap up.

So – the MRC might, or might not, at some time in the future, recommend the use of commercial providers for weight loss, which might or might not be WeightWatchers. Nice publicity, but at the moment, it’s just a pleasant WeightWatchers event in Stockholm.

In 2008, Dr Helen Truby and others published a short-term study of 4 popular diets. Atkins beat WeightWatchers, (though not by much). Perhaps Atkins won because WeightWatchers simply does not appeal to men in general?


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