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Vitamin D v Parkinson’s.

March 2007. HL Newmark and J Newmark. “(Parkinson’s) results from selective loss (death) of dopaminergic neurons in (a particular) region of the brain, largely developed prior to clinical diagnosis, and continuous after diagnosis. We hypothesize … that documented chronically inadequate vitamin D intake in the United States, particularly in the northern states and particularly in the elderly, is a significant factor in … Parkinson’s.”

June 2010. Dr Paul Knekt and team studied nearly 3,200 Finns from 1978 for 30 years. At the start, none had Parkinson’s and blood samples were frozen for later study.

Those in the highest quarter of Vitamin D, as measured by blood levels, compared to those in the lowest quarter, had 67% less chance of developing Parkinson’s.

In an editorial, Dr Marian Leslie Evatt wrote “Vitamin D regulates the gamut of physiological processes that go awry in disease states, including cell proliferation, differentiation, and survival, as well as resistance to oxidative stress, regulation of other hormones, and immune modulation. It is not surprising that insufficient or low vitamin D has been associated with increased risk of several cancers and chronic diseases.”

The optimal level of Vitamin D in humans is not known. Animal studies have show that too much vitamin D becomes toxic.

In Knekt’s study, participants whose blood level of vitamin D was at least 50 nmol/L had a 65% lower risk than those whose levels were below 25 nmol/L.

The recommended level is 75 to 80 nmol/L, and the average level in the Finnish study was about half that, which can be explained by the country’s limited sunlight.


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