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Why chilis burn fat.

Dr Jong Won Yun’s scholarly study of rats fed the active ingredient in chilis – capsaicin – starts off with “It is well recognized that capsaicin increases thermogenesis through enhancement of catecholamine secretion from the adrenal medulla.” So it is not light reading.

Basically, the scientists from Daegu University wanted to find out why (not if) chilis burn fat, and drilled down into a detailed analysis of the reactions taking place in these rats versus those without capsaicin. Both were on a high fat diet.

This showed that at least 10 proteins were more frequent in the chili rats, while another 10 were suppressed. A number of these changes had not been discovered before.

All of the changes relate to the way the body processes fat, both reducing the laying down of new fat from food eaten by the rats and increasing the rate at which existing fat is burned up for energy.

The science is complex but – the scientists have moved on from ‘does capsaicin cut fat?’ to ‘why does it cut fat?’.

And those rats on a high-fat diet plus 10mg/kg bodyweight of capsaicin lost 8% of their bodyweight.


July 21, 2010 - Posted by | Capsaicin - chillis, Diet, Jong Won Yun, Obesity, Success, Thermogenesis, Weight management

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