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The buddy diet.

Dr Maureen M Black reported on a trial in which 235 adolescents in Baltimore USA were either paired up with a mentor or formed a control group with no intervention.

The mentors were college students or recent graduates and the 12 sessions were structured to cover specific activities.

According to Dr Black “In every session they had food, and they often made the food together in the child’s home. The mentors took the children to the corner store or to a nearby fast-food restaurant to learn about healthy choices. They visited the skating rink or went hiking in a state park to learn the importance of being physically active.”

The kids learned how make healthy food choices at corner stores and fast food restaurants, how to choose healthy snacks and how important it is to drink water rather than sugary sodas.

After two years, the rate of overweight/obesity among children in the mentorship program declined 5%, while it rose 11% among children in the control group.


August 3, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Child Health, Diet, Fun, Health, Maureen M Black, Obesity, Social networks, Success, Weight management

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