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A team of researchers has reported on the study of proximal intercessionary prayer (PIP) in Mozambique, with further work from Brazil.

Prof Candy Gunther Brown found significant improvement in patients with hearing and sight defects, and that these improvements exceeded those typically found in suggestion and hypnosis studies.

Previous studies have found conflicting results for distant intercessory prayer and have come under criticism for their construction, amongst other things.

Brown studied only the situation where the prayer was near to the person, and measured results before and after with auditory machines and vision charts to eliminate self-reporting bias.

The team, including Dr Stephen C Mory, Dr Rebecca Williams and Prof Michael J McClymond, found simiar results in urban Brazil.

The study focused on clinical effects of PIP and did not attempt to explain the mechanisms by which the improvements occurred.

According to Brown “If empirical research continues to indicate that PIP may be therapeutically beneficial, then, whether or not the mechanisms are adequately understood, there are ethical and nonpartisan public policy reasons to encourage further related research.”


August 8, 2010 - Posted by | Candy Gunther Brown, Health, Michael J McClymond, Natural healing, Positive Psychology, Prayer, Psychology, Rebecca Williams, Religion, Sight, Stephen C Mory, Success

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