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Breast cancer and HRT 1.

Dr Giske Ursin and team analysed breast cancer risk by HRT use in 57,000 women in the California State Teachers Retirement System.

Women using estrogen-only for 15 years had a 19% increased risk of breast cancer. Those on combined estrogen/progestin for 15 years had an 83% increased risk.

These risks affected women with a BMI less than 30 but not those in the obese category.

The only subtype at risk from HRT was dual-receptor positive (ER+/PR+). Other sub-types did not show any increased risk.

A recent scientific statement from the Endocrine Society concluded that estrogen/progestin hormone therapy did not cause breast cancer, but instead caused preexisting tumours to grow to a size where they became detectable.

Click here for Breast Cancer And HRT 2, which found that some types of progestin increase risk, but other types are protective.


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