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Breast cancer and HRT 2.

Dr Salman M Hyder studied 4 types of synthetic progestin in rats to examine the risk of HRT and developing breast cancer.

Recent studies have concluded that progestin in HRT use increases this risk.

But according to Hyder “Synthetic progestins have different biological effects, due to differences in their structure, stability and how they interact in the body.”

Hyder compared controls exposed to tumour cells with no progestin treatement, against those exposed but treated with each of the 4 types of progestin.

The team measured the time to onset of breast cancer, and the frequency (the percentage of rats developing cancer).

Controls – onset 44 days, frequency 50%
MPA – 35 days, 70%
MGA – 47 days, 40%
N-ONE – 70 days, 10%
N-EL – over 90 days, none!

MPA is the type most commonly used in the US and is linked here to an increased rate of breast cancer.

But N-ONE and N-EL had highly protective effects in this study.

This large study reported the risks of breast cancer by type of HRT use, BMI and cancer sub-type.


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