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Stereotype baggage.

Prof Michael Inzlicht took women through 2 test situations – one where they were negatively stereotyped and one where they weren’t – and then looked to see if the effects spilled over into unrelated situations. He found that the negative baggage was indeed carried over by the negatively stereotyped women.

People who felt they were discriminated against – whether based on gender, age, race or religion – all experienced significant impacts even after they were removed from the situation.

In testing for four conditions, Inzlicht found that “People are more likely to be aggressive after they’ve faced prejudice in a given situation. They are more likely to exhibit a lack of self control. They have trouble making good, rational decisions. And they are more likely to over-indulge on unhealthy foods.”

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August 11, 2010 - Posted by | Diet, Health, Michael Inzlicht, Negative thinking, Obesity, Psychology, Success, Weight management

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