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McStatins – I’m neutralizin’ it!

Dr Darrel P Francis and team have analysed the risks associated with fast food, and whether free statins at the point of sale could counteract this.

The team compared the risks associated with a daily intake of a 7oz hamburger (the equivalent of a Quarter Pounder with cheese) plus a small milk shake against the mortality benefits of current standard statin treatments.

Considering non-fatal heart attacks and coronary deaths, they found that all current statin regimes, with the exception of pravastatin, would be powerful enough to offset these risks.

Perhaps to gain extra coverage for their study, the team has suggested that fast-food outlets could dish out statins free of charge, given that the unit price is around 5p (7-8 cents), as they were dishing out the condiments.

The team based their calculation on a combination of total fat and trans-fat.

Statins have side effects but are sufficiently safe that one, simvastin, is available without prescription in the UK. However, the over-the-counter dose is only a quarter of the prescription dose that was used in the study.


August 12, 2010 - Posted by | CVD - cardiovascular disease, Darrel P Francis, Diet, Health, Statin, Success

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  1. OMG you’ve got to be kidding. I suppose if we put chemo chemicals in cigarettes that would be good too?

    Comment by agentontheloose | August 12, 2010 | Reply

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