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Walking v stress & heart disease.

A study of exercise v stress in adolescents has found that walking cuts the impact of stress directly, and so may cut the risk of later heart disease.

Dr James Roemmich tested 40 girls and boys aged 10-14. Half were given a simulated ride to school. Half took a 1 mile simulated walk, using a treadmill.

After a further 20 minutes, both groups took a standard stress test.

Compared to active commuters, passive commuters reported twice as much stress, the increase in their systolic blood pressure was 3 times larger, and their heartbeat increased by 11 beats per minute, nearly 4 times that of the walkers.

The team does not know how long the protective effect lasts.

Roemmich said until this was known, several activity breaks during the day would seem to be best to protect against stress.


August 14, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Child Health, CVD - cardiovascular disease, Exercise, Health, James Roemmich, Stress, Success, Walking

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