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Fiber v superbugs?

You won’t find this story anywhere else. It’s just something from two completely different sources that aren’t joined up. Until now. 🙂

Superbug NDM-1 hit the headlines about a week ago, when a report in Lancet Infectious Diseases said people getting surgery in India were at risk. Cases were reported both in the UK and in the US.

NDM-1 is highly resistant to nearly every antibiotic we have. More worryingly, it seems to have the ability to pass on its immunity to other variations of ‘gram-negative’ bacteria, making these un-killable.

A top US medical source to educate doctors about how to deal with well-informed patients said “Point out that in contrast to the last 10 years when concern centered on Gram-positive bacteria, many investigators now think that multidrugresistant Gram-negative bacteria pose the greatest risk to public health”.

Enough about the superbug. Now turn to source 2, about fiber.

A reseach article covers everyting the scientists know about fiber. Here is just one quote “Alterations in gut microbiota have been implicated, in view of observed microbiota differences between obese and lean subjects, reduced gram-negative bacterial content with diets high in dietary fiber as opposed to high-fat diets”>

In simple English – lots of fiber makes it tough for the superbug – whereas lots of fat makes it easy.

Neither report studied or made this connection. Two separate studies. It will take another study to prove the connection right or wrong.


August 18, 2010 - Posted by | Diet, Obesity, Weight management

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