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Diet soft drinks in pregnancy.

This came out in late June but seems to be doing the rounds again as the research is now published in print.

Dr Thorhallur I Halldorsson followed 60,000 Danish women in pregnancy and found the greater the intake of artificially sweetened soft drinks the greater the rate of pre-term delivery (before 37 weeks).

The team checked on naturally sweetened soft drinks and found no increased risk. This suggests something in the artificial sweetener is the reason.

The team also ruled out other reasons linked to pre-term birth, including smoking and body mass index.

Women who drank one or more diet sodas per day were 38% more likely to deliver before 37 weeks. At 4 or more per day, thr risk went up to 78%.

Drinking artificially sweetened diet soft drinks was more likely to increase risk of early preterm (before 32 weeks) and moderately preterm delivery than late-preterm delivery.


August 21, 2010 - Posted by | Child Health, Diet, Health, Pregnancy, Soft drinks, Success, Thorhallur I Halldorsson

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