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Hepatitis E vaccine works.

Dr Ning-Shao Xia reported that a new vaccine (HEV 239/Hecolin) against hepatitis E was 100% effective.

Hepatitis E is rare in the developed world as it is spread through food or water contaminated by the feces of an infected person, but it is common in developing countries and it is thought to affect up to a third of the world’s population.

At the moment, there is no US FDA approved vaccine and international travellers reduce their risk by avoiding tap water and practicing good hygene and sanitation.

HEV 239 was 100% effective after 2 doses in 56,000 people in Jiangsu Province in China, where the virus is endemic. The vaccine was well tolerated in a general adult population and now needs to be tested in pregnant women, and people under 15 or over 65.


August 23, 2010 - Posted by | Health, Liver disease, Ning-Shao Xia, Success, Vaccine

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