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Crohn’s breakthrough.

Scientists have previously shown that people with Crohn’s disease have increased numbers of a ‘sticky’ type of E. coli and weakened ability to fight off invading intestinal bacteria.

The sticky E. coli are capable of penetrating the gut wall via special cells, called M-cells. In patients with Crohn’s disease this leads to chronic inflammation in the gut.

Scientists found that plantain soluble fibres prevented the uptake and transport of E coli across M-cells, cutting this by up to 80%. Broccoli also cut the trasnport rate.

They compared these results with tests on polysorbate-80 – a fat emulsifier used in processed food to bind ingredients together. This worked the opposite way and increased the transport of E coli.

Polysorbate-80 is used in ice cream, milk products and in medical products.


August 26, 2010 - Posted by | Broccoli, Crohn's, Diet, Fibre, Health, Natural healing, Success

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