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Grapefruit delight.

In 2003 (published 2006, Journal of Medicinal Food), Dr Ken Fujioka showed that grapefruit produced modest, but significant, weight loss when added to the diet of obese Americans for 12 weeks.

Before each meal the subjects ate one of – placebo plus apple juice, placebo plus grapefruit juice, grapefruit tablet plus apple juice or half a fresh grapefruit.

This was not the Hollywood Diet, which is severely calorie-restricted.

With Fujioka, the only change to normal intake was the pre-load.

Considering all subjects, each of the grapefruit combinations beat the apple juice + placebo, but only the half a grapefruit was clinically significant.

However, when looking at people with metabolic syndrome, each of the grapefruit combinations produced significant weight loss and improved insulin resistance.

Dr Fujioka was unable to give a precise mechanism why this might work.

This week, Dr Yaakov Nahmias published a lab study of liver action covering how grapefruit works.

Technically, it raises PPARalpha and PPARgamma and blocks LXRalpha. This mimics drug combinations such as lipid-lowering Fenofibrate and the anti-diabetic Rosiglitazone.

The effect is to burn fat rather than carbohydrates and to cut production of vLDL (‘bad’ cholesterol).

According to Dr Martin L Yarmush “It is a process which is similar to the Atkins diet, without many of the side effects”.

Grapefruit is known to interfere with many prescription drugs, so a check is required in this case.


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