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Exercise genes.

By sheer coincidence, on the same day that Dr Ruth Loos publishes on the impact of exercise on the genetic component of weight, Prof Theodore Garland Jr finds that NOT being a couch potato has a high genetic basis!

Working on mice, biologists at the University of California Riverside have found that voluntary activity is a highly heritable trait that can be passed down genetically to successive generations.

Control mice were bred on a purely random basis.

Exercise mice were developed by giving the mice access to a running wheel for 6 days, which they could use or not as they chose. The highest runners on days 5 and 6 were selected to breed the next set of exercise mice.

By generation 43, the exercise mice far outstripped the control mice. They would run around 3 times as far, with females doing this mainly by speeding up, while males did a mix of faster and longer.

So, activity/exercise has a genetic basis.


September 1, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Exercise, Gender, Genetics, Obesity, Ruth Loos, Success, Theodore Garland Jr, Weight management


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  2. Was nice reading the information, do you also offer readers a newsletter service?

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