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Aspirin v colon cancer.

The idea that taking aspirin can cut the risk of developing colon cancer isn’t new. However, news widely reported is that taking as little as 75mg/day can cut the risk by about 13% by the end of a year, and by about 37% after 5 years. There was a greater reduction of risk at higher doses.

What the reports don’t seem to mention is a finding published in May 2007 by Dr Andrew Chan from a study of 130,000 people. Those taking two or more standard-size aspirin tablets cut their risk by about 25%.

Dr Chan was seeking to explain why this happened, and looked at tissue samples from patients with colon cancer in both groups – those taking aspirin and those not.

There are different types of colon cancer, and Dr Chan found that aspirin protected against one type. That type over-expresses a protein called COX-2. Aspirin’s normal working mechanism blocks the action of COX-2, hence the cancer results.

But aspirin does not block colon cancers negative for COX-2.

According to Dr Chan in May 2007, “For most people, the best way to prevent colorectal cancer is through screening, which we know saves lives by allowing us to treat polyps before they become cancers.”


September 16, 2010 - Posted by | Andrew Chan, Aspirin, Cancer, Health, Success

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