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Euro teens less active at weekends.

A study of 3,300 teenagers in 10 cities across Europe has found that they are less active at weekends, with more time spent on sedentary activities including TV, games consoles and home computers.

According to Juan P Rey-López of the University of Zaragoza “During the week, one-third of teenagers said they watched more than two hours of television per day. At weekends, this figure exceeds 60%”.

While the latest annual survey of health habits among the young population of the community of Madrid found 20% of boys and 10% of girls aged 15 to 16 are overweight or obese. In girls, this figure has almost doubled since the survey started 15 years ago.

Over this period the eating pattern of the teens has not improved, but it has not worsened either, so experts point to an increasingly inactive lifestyle as the reason.

El Pais quoted Clotilde Vázquez, head of clinical nutrition at the Ramon y Cajal hospital, as saying “We must focus on the promotion of daily physical activity. Not sport, but to move, walk or take a bike. Do not get carried from one place to another.”


September 19, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Diet, Exercise, Obesity, Success, Television, Walking, Weight management

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