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The dog diet?

Dr Christopher Owen found that 9 and 10 year-old children who owned a dog were more active and less sedentary than those who didn’t.

Over 2,000 children in 3 major cities in the UK were fitted with accelerometers to measure their activity levels over a period of a week.

Those with a dog were found to be around 4% more active than those without, which in the children’s case equated to about 360 more steps per day (plus increases at all activity levels and a decrease in down-time).

Although the study didn’t test whether getting a dog made kids more active or more active kids got a dog, this issue has been tested in adults. In the case of adults, getting a dog led to increases of activity.

And the increase in activity for adults is much larger, around 25%, equating to an extra 1,700 steps per day for walkies.

The difference in extra steps of adults and 10 year-old suggests the kids extra activity comes from playing with the dog, rather than going walkies with it.

Whether 10 year-old or adult, think thin, think active, get a dog!


September 22, 2010 - Posted by | Activity, Child Health, Christopher Owen, Health, Success, Walking, Weight management

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