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Pine bark fails heart test.

Pine bark extract failed to produce any improvement in cardiac risk profile in a 12 week randomised trial,  compared to a placebo.

Dr Randall Stafford randomly allocated 121 volunteers with high blood pressure to 200 mg/day of pine bark extract or a placebo for 12 weeks.

According to food records at start and end, the pine bark group increased potassium intake by 75 mg/day while the placebo group fell by nearly 300 mg/day.

An increase in potassium is normally linked to a decrease in blood pressure. However, the pine bark group decreased by 1 mm while the placebo group decreased by nearly double this.

The body mass index of the pine bark group increased slightly while the control group BMI decreased slightly, leading to a small but significant difference between the two.

Other markers for cardiovascular risk were the same across both groups.

The researchers noted that “Although a different dosage or formulation might produce different results, our findings argue against recommending this pine bark extract to improve cardiovascular disease risk factors.” The pine bark extract tested was from Toyo Shinyaku of Japan.


September 28, 2010 - Posted by | BMI - body mass index, CVD - cardiovascular disease, Health, High blood pressure, Natural healing, Randall Stafford, Success

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