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Garlic oil, (diabetes), heart.

A team of researchers from Taiwan has published the findings of a study into the mechanics of how garlic oil can reverse heart damage.

Diabetes is a disease where this type of damage is  common, and the process by which it happens is found in both humans and rats.

So rats were given an injection of a naturally occurring substance that kills insulin producing cells to make them diabetic. These were fed varying amounts of garlic oil (including none) and compared to non-diabetic controls with regard to heart function.

The diabetic rats with no garlic oil showed declines in heart function associated with diabetes including high blood sugar levels, which in turn increases oxidative stress, which then kills heart muscle cells and leads to an underperforming heart.

The team looked at a wide battery of scientific tests associated with the mechanism, such as genetic expression and signalling pathways, to detail what was happening.

Although it did not improve glucose tolerance, garlic oil at around 50mg/kg to 100mg/kg of bodyweight reversed most or all of the factors leading to the heart problems, getting the heart back to near-normal.


October 8, 2010 - Posted by | CVD - cardiovascular disease, Diabetes, Garlic, Health, Heart failure, Success

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