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Avoiding deadly bird flu.

Bird flu is the highly dangerous H5N1 type that kills around 60% of people who catch it.

Joseph P Wood of the US Environmental Protection Agency has been studying how long the virus survives in a variety of different weather and surface material combinations.

Since the influenza vaccine does not contain an H5N1 strain, the best protection is to avoid the virus in the first place. H5N1 does not yet have the ability to spread from person to person, so unless it develops this, it is a matter of avoiding infected birds and their droppings.

The lower the temperature and humidity, the longer the virus can survive. Oddly, in low temperature, low humidity and low sunlight, the virus survived for longer on steel and glass than in the soil or in feces. The maximum was around 2 months.

At room temperature, the survival time came down to a day. Exposure to sunlight or humidity also cut survival time.

At 39 degrees Fahrenheit, the equivalent of a cold winter day, in dry conditions the virus survived for 2 weeks in the soil or in feces.


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