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Aspirin v cancer.

In a May 2007 study in the Lancet, Dr Peter M Rothwell had established that a daily dose of aspirin of 300 mg or more cut the risk of colorectal cancer. This is roughly one standard tablet, but it is still a level that can lead to gastrointestinal bleeding. Dr Rothwell has returned to the Lancet to show that much lower doses are also effective.

The research team pooled data from 5 studies into heart risk covering more than 14,000 people that gave results for lower aspirin doses.

They found that risk reduction improved the longer that aspirin was taken.

When considering aspirin on a daily basis for 5 years or more, in one part of the colon (the proximal colon) this lowered the risk of getting cancer by 65% and deaths by 75%, while cancer of the other part of the colon (the distal colon) was unchanged. On the same 5 year basis, rectal cancer risk was cut by 42% and deaths by 53%.

The fact that deaths were cut even more than the risk of getting cancer suggests that aspirin has some protective effect even after cancer starts.

The researchers were able to find that there is no extra benefit above 75 mg/day but 30 mg/day is too low.

The team pointed out that aspirin may be particularly effective with colon cancers as screening methods for these are not 100% effective.


October 22, 2010 - Posted by | Aspirin, Cancer, Health, Peter M Rothwell, Success

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